Visa Checklist


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Total Visa processing time: Minimum 7 working days. (Some cases take longer).

Total expenditure at a glance regarding visa processing (Non-refundable):

Price can be change anytime before processing visa. Please contact with us for update rate.

16,000/- 17,000/-

Only India visit (age before)( 1980) (after 1980)


China 1st time One country visit


At least 2/3 countries visited


2nd time single entry 


6 month double entry


12 month multiple entry


24 month multiple entry


White passport

1. Passport with validity not less than 6 months from the time of application.

2. 2 copy color picture (33*48) mm with white back ground (no cap or sun glass).

3. Update Bank statement for the last 6 months (balance more than 2Lac) and bank solvency certificate.

4. Leave letter from the office if employed or student and must official ID card copy.

5. Trade License copy if (businessman)

6. Company pad and visiting card.

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