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Brazil Tourist Visa Checklist / Brazil Tourist Visa Information / Brazil Tourist Visa From Bangladesh

Submission Place: Bay´s Edgewater, Ground and 1st Floor, NE 12, North Avenue, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212

Phone: 02-55052126

Submission Time: 09.30am -12.30 pm (Monday – Thursday)

Delivery Time: 09.30am-12.30 pm. ((Monday – Thursday)

In person: Needed to be present in person to submit the file also in second and every time.

Interview: If needed (In case you are asked to come for interview, you have to come in person.

How many days needed to issue visa: Processing the Application may take up to 10 working days.

Address of Embassy: Bay´s Edgewater, Ground and 1st Floor, NE 12, North Avenue, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212

Total expenditure at a glance regarding visa processing (Non Refundable):

Embassy Fee


Payable to Embassy By Bank Draft

Service Charge


Payable to us

When applying for Tourist Visa, the candidate must submit the following documents:

1.  Online application filled and signed according to the other documents;

2.  One (1) photocopy of all pages and original passport bearing at least six (6) months   validity     

3. Two (2) photocopies of National ID Card and Birth Certificate Translated & Notarized in Dhaka City Jurisdiction.

4. Three (3) recent photographs, passport size, with white background, up to six (6) months.

5. Bank statement of the last six (6) months and Balance/Account Certificate statement.  

6. One (1) photocopy and original of credit card or debit card statements for the last three (3) months.

7. Income Tax Certificate Translated & Notarized in Dhaka City Jurisdiction.

8. Two (2) photocopies each and original of recently paid utilities bill of the last three (3) months.

9. Original and two (2) photocopies of Police clearance.

10. Hotel booking in Brazil.

11. Two-way air ticket reservation to Brazil.

12. Letter of introduction and declaration of current status with the objectives of the visit.

13. Pay order of TK 8,000 from your bank account as the statement in name of BRAZILIAN EMBASSY IN DHAKA;

One (1) photocopy of Pay Order.

14. Extra: Any invitation letter sent from Brazil must have been notarized in the same Jurisdiction as of the   Brazilian company or individual.

The submitting of fake or forged documents / information will imply a ban of 10 years before the candidate can apply again.

Official documents (such as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate, University Degrees and Transcripts) must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Other supporting document (a) Tour Program (b) Visiting card (c) Marriage certificate (d) Birth certificate of children (e) Document of properties (f) Blue book photocopy of car if any (g) Document of other income if any (h) All documents of financial solvency like FDR/ Share business/other savings/cash investment etc.

NB. Pls. Note all of the expenditure for visa processing purpose is strictly non-refundable. Visa information & different charges can be changed any time without prior notice. We provide only assistance and not any guarantee of getting visas. Please cheek the update visa information when you apply. This information sheet is prepared by us which are little bit more details than embassy requirements. All Notarized and Photocopy bill bearded by applicant.

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